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When does a soft bouhce become a hard bounce

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    Owen Fox Act-On Team

    Hi Lindsay! A bounce is considered a "hard bounce" when it results in a permanent failure, such as a recipient email server refusing to accept email or if the email address does not exist. Soft bounces are often caused by temporary issues, such as a full inbox or a bad connection, and Act-On will continue to try to send to an email address that is soft bouncing until that email address meets the criteria to be moved to the Inactive Soft Bounces list. As our customers have different sending cadences, we have guidance on setting a soft bounce threshold in this article that may be helpful for you and your team: Setting a Consecutive Soft Bounce Threshold. If you have any further questions regarding soft bounces or if you need any extra help setting your soft bounce threshold, please feel free to open a ticket with us in Technical Support! We'd be happy to help.

  • Lindsay Taylor

    Thank you for the reply - Owen Fox - appreciated :)

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