How to delete a contact from a list?

Armando Vidaurri

I created a marketing list with a lot of contacts that I use for campaigns.

I need to delete one single person.. and can't find how to delete the contact without having to export the entire list, deleting it and create it again without that specific contact.




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    Marat Mambetov Act-On Team
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    Hi Armando

    Thank you for contacting Act-On Technical Support Team.

    To delete a contact from the list you would need to click on that contact within your list and click on three dots next to the contact's name. Once clicked you will see a pop-up window that has a delete button. Please see the below screenshot.

    Kind regards, 

    Marat Mambetov

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    Armando Vidaurri

    That was very helpful, thanks.

    I think it would be nice if the option to delete contacts wasn't so hidden. When entering the list, under "More actions", below the "add contacts" option should be "delete contact".


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