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When scoring resets does the activity along with it get reset too?

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  • Tatiana Lea

    Hi David

    Thank you for posting this and just as I always say to people we train - there are no dumb questions!

    So we are talking about Timeline, right? Here is an example of a record in my Test account who has  - ALL TIME score - 182, with Timeline 1st activity - Email send on Thursday 2/18

    I went to my Scoring Rule and changed the Activity to - the last 180 days, so you can see Score changed to 30 but the Timeline retain the same information so I believe this is the outcome you wanted :)

    What you can also do is maybe copy the Default Score with ALL TIME and create a copy ie Second Score Sheet with Activity in the last 30 days. That way you can see - all the time score v the last 30 daysscore to compare the engagement.


    Hope this helps

    Happy marketing


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