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Is there a way to PAUSE and RESUME deployment of an email?

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    Garry Cunanan

    Hi Lisa,

    We do have a few ways to send messages that require scheduling. Once deployed for these options there is only a stop functionality. Not every contact would be able to stop receiving the message. Once it is stopped there is no resume option. I will reference our doc with different types of  Email sends and I will list a few differences below as well:

    Send Over Time

    This feature is a great way to manage the volume of email you send at once. ISPs can be skeptical of a sender sending a large volume of marketing email, specifically if the sender has not built up a positive sending reputation. In some cases, ISPs will put a "throttle" on the sending. This means they will release a portion of the email to see how it performs, meaning there is no guarantee that the email delivered to the ISP is actually showing up in the recipient's inbox at the time it was scheduled.

    The Send Over Time feature allows you to throttle your own email sends. You can choose to send your email during a window of time (Eg: Monday-Friday, 9AM-11AM) to allow your email to trickle out to recipients in smaller batches, lowering the chance that an ISP will become skeptical. So rather than sending 100,000 emails at once, you can send 5,000 emails every 15 minutes, within a 2 hour window across a span of multiple days. 

    Adaptive Send

    This is a great feature to utilize when sending out to engaged recipients. This feature will look at historical behavior for each individual email address and determine what the best time to send to that individual would be. Depending on an individuals previous engagement, they will receive the email at a time that the system believes they would be most likely to open. 

    For this feature to work optimally, it does require that the recipients have previous engagement data logged in the Act-On account. If you are targeting folks who have no engagement history, the Adaptive Send feature will randomize the send time because it has no data to work off of. This is not a feature we would recommend using for a first or second email send. You will want to build up some historical data in order to get the best use out of the adaptive sending.

  • Lisa Damico

    Thanks for the detailed response!

    My team has had a few situations where we've paused an email and wanted to resume it without having to redo the entire campaign from scratch. I think it would be very helpful to add this functionality in future releases.

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