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Combined engagement report

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    Garry Cunanan

    Hello Tanya,

    This is a great question you can take advantage of Creating Campaigns and Generating Campaign Reports, HERE is our documentation and I will reference it below:

    (***Note: If your account has Data Studio it is a little more advanced but very powerful for these kinds of reports, but this feature must be enabled. See your Account Manager for further details)

    Act-On campaigns can be created for reporting purposes. This feature allows you to create an aggregate report of all assets from Act-On based on your individual campaigns.

    Create a New Marketing Campaign

    1. Navigate to Automation > Campaigns
    2. Click New Campaign
    3. Enter campaign details:
      1. Name
      2. Description
      3. Calendar Color (to identify campaign messages in the Marketing Calendar)
    4. Click Add Content to choose any messages, forms, landing pages, media, webinars, or web page URLs
    5. Click Save to create the campaign

    Check Campaign Reporting

    Hover over an existing campaign and click Dashboard to access detailed reporting for all associated assets. In addition to the Sent Message report for invidual messages, you can also see aggregate reports for messages, form views and submits, and any other assets associated with the campaign.


    • For aggregate campaign messages report, the Unique Sent in the campaign messages report reflects the number of people who have been sent at least one message in your multi-message campaign.
    • For multi-message campaigns, the Unique Sent will often be less than the Total Sent, because the campaign may consist of multiple different messages being sent to an overlapping audience.
    • Multi-asset campaigns are found in Automation > Campaigns, and the campaign messages report is accessed on the top right of the messages section of the campaign dashboard.


    The other way is a little more advanced and its through our Data Studio tool. 

    Data Studio is an advanced data transport tool that allows you to configure and move any data from Act-On to another tool.

    Please note: Additional fees apply for the Data Studio add-on module. Please contact your Account Manager to learn more.

    Data is unformatted and does not include charts or other visualizations by default. If you want pre-packaged reporting templates with visualizations, consider the Engagement Insights feature.

    Common Uses

    • Export CSV data to manipulate in Excel or any business intelligence tool
    • User friendly interface to export raw data
    • Automate/schedule recurring data pulls/pushes
    • Merge data exports
    • Data can be extracted for any custom time period

    Any data points tracked in Act-On are available for export and analysis, including from these data sets:

    • Media
    • Forms
    • Landing Pages
    • Email Messages
    • Webinars
    • Website Traffic

    See our guide to exporting a copy of your Act-On data for a detailed walkthrough.

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