Invisible Recaptcha v3 implementation

Carol Schumaker

I am building a form and would like to incorporate the google invisible recaptcha v3.

We have it enabled on our site, but it is heavy to load on every page. I would like to have it only enabled on our 4 forms.

Do Act-on forms support invisible recaptcha?
How would I implement it?
If not, could they soon?

Our users enjoy the seamless experience.

Thank you,



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    Joe Barnes
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    Hello Carol, 

    My name is Joe from Act-On's technical solutions department. 

    Sadly, we currently do not have a method of making the recaptcha invisible on our forms. We have had other people request this before, and I believe it is a feature request but as of this time our engineers do not have any plans of writing this into the platform. 

    A work around you could possibly look into is to have the form hosted on your webpage itself with the new recaptcha v3, and have that form post to Act-On externally. Here is an article that will have a clear explanation of this:

    I hope this helps, I understand it would create more work in order to implement, but this would be the best workaround for the time being. 

    Thank you!


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