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Known Issue: Microsoft Dynamics CRM service deprecation is impacting Act-On's integration Released

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    Lauren Mulkern Act-On Team


    Our engineers at Act-On have improved our security with Microsoft Dynamics and you can now connect Dynamics 365 Cloud via OAuth using a Client ID and Secret. Previously, the connection was only available using a Client ID, username, and password. This new method is more secure and can bypass MFA.

    Although we highly recommend switching to this new connection, accounts that are already connected via OAuth using a Client ID, username, and password can continue using this authentication and your account will not be disconnected due to these changes.

    To learn more about the newest authentication with Microsoft Dynamics, see our article.

  • Michelle Dean

    Hi Lauren,

    Is this related to this Software Status Update? I'm assuming yes?

    Also, there's a banner for MS Dynamics customers on Act-on warning of the issue, but the link doesn't work. The http part is messed up - the rest is right. Thought someone on AO should know -

    Here's the link:

    Thank you,
    Michelle Dean

  • Lauren Mulkern Act-On Team

    Hi Michelle,

    Yes, this is the same issue noted on our status page.

    We have updated the link, thanks for letting us know!

  • Delaina Hawkins

    Does this also apply to Dynamics 365 on-premise solutions?


  • Lauren Mulkern Act-On Team

    Hi Delaina,

    This is only impacting MS Dynamics 365 accounts that are hosted in the Cloud. On Premise (aka On Prem) accounts are not impacted by these changes and will not need to contact Microsoft.

  • Lauren Mulkern Act-On Team

    We have updated details on the extension period provided by Microsoft. Previously, we were asking for a 30-day extension. Microsoft is only providing an extension until June 30th. 

  • Michelle Dean

    Hi Lauren,

    What exactly will be impacted by this? I have done a few audits and found new leads entered into our MS Dynamics CRM synced over to AO during this period. Does the syncing issue occur intermittently or sporadically? Is the problem pushing data from AO to MS Dynamics or pulling data from MS Dynamics into AO, or both of these?

    That's too bad MS won't give AO a month.


  • Christopher Johnson


    Once you've been granted the Regional Dynamic Services extension from MS Dynamics, please review the Oauth connection guide.

  • Lauren Mulkern Act-On Team

    Hi Michelle,

    Microsoft is migrating 365 Cloud accounts to the new Global Discovery Service in a regional manner. Some accounts are already impacted, while others will be in the near future. If an account is impacted, it will cause a complete disconnection with Act-On. Marketing Lists will not be able to sync, Form Submissions (e.g. new Leads) will not be pushed to Dynamics, and all features and reports that rely on information from Data Management syncs will become out of date.

    To avoid disruption, all Dynamics 365 Cloud accounts should do the following steps as soon as possible:

    1. Contact Microsoft and request an extension to June 30th
    2. Migrate to Oauth for your Act-On connection

    Our Customer Success team is proactively reaching out to accounts that need to migrate. If you're still not sure if you need to take action, contact our Support team and they will take a closer look with you.

    And, now for some good news! Our Engineers began deploying changes to our servers to use the new Global Discovery Service this afternoon. When that process is complete, I'll post another update. We do anticipate this will be complete before the June 30th deadline. As long as impacted accounts are taking the two steps outlined above there should be no disruption of service.

  • Michelle Dean

    Hi Lauren,

    Thank you for the thorough answer. What you listed was what I suspected would be impacted, but I wanted to make sure I didn't miss anything.

    If we completed the steps to Migrate to Oauth (assuming following instructions here: - will the connection in Act-On still look the same? Ie: Will it say "The Microsoft Dynamics connector is active".

    Thank you again for keeping users in the loop during this! Looking forward to the later update you mentioned as well.

    Michelle Dean


    Would you mind providing a snapshot of a dummy AO account connected to Oauth

  • Lauren Mulkern Act-On Team

    Hi Michelle,

    Yes, it will show the same in the page if you are connected. I do recommend contacting Support for your further questions. Thanks!


  • Lauren Mulkern Act-On Team


    Act-On is now configured to use the new Global Discovery Service for Dynamics 365 Cloud Accounts. Some accounts that need to bypass MFA are unable to connect using Oauth.

    Connecting to Act-On will vary for your account depending on your MFA policy. Act-On cannot support MFA, therefore it must either be disabled or bypassed. If you are unsure what MFA policy applies to your account, ask your Microsoft Administrator.

    Disable MFA

    You may connect to Act-On via Oauth. Instructions here.

    Bypass MFA

    To connect, accounts will need to do the following:

    1. Request an extension from Microsoft to continue using the Regional Discovery Service until further notice. We expect this to be fixed by the end of this week.
    2. Connect to Act-On using Basic Auth and an App Password for your user. Instructions here.

    To request an extension, please submit a support ticket to Microsoft with the following information:

    • Request: Extension from the Regional Discovery Service deprecation
    • Reason: Act-On, our marketing automation software that is integrated with Dynamics CRM, is not yet configured to use the Global Discovery Service. We request this extension to avoid a disruption of service while Act-On makes necessary changes.

    Next Steps for Act-On:

    Act-On’s engineering team is engaged and making changes so that accounts that must bypass MFA can continue to connect using Basic Auth and an App password. Once our changes are completed, extensions from Microsoft will no longer be necessary.

    We appreciate your partnership in mitigating this disruption risk and we will continue to provide updates on this critical issue.

    If you have questions regarding this process, please contact Support.

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