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Email messages not sent

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  • Paul McDevitt
    Well that's interesting, how does it know in the template creation what segment you are sending it to? To be able to determine if you are going over your total available?

    Also, if you have sent some prior emails during the month, and use the 'don't include opt-outs' option, what is actually being counted where?

    For example, we might send say 3 different email campaigns to three different segments. The segment shows all eligible emailable contacts, the actual number sent is lower as, say, 5% are opted-out. So not sure how the option you are showing is accounting for all this.

    There is a box in the home screen area that shows what's left to send as well, which I think is the more accurate count of what is available no?

    ------Original Message------

    Hi @Arie den Draak,

    For questions like this you'll find emailing the best route to take as they'll be able to take a look in your account to identify the issue. 

    I have had a quick look in your account and the reason for the message failure is due to your marketing list containing 5,604 records when your account is only able to send to 2,500. If you go to Outbound, Other Messages and Failed you'll see the message there and the reason for the failure. 

    Message Failure

    One tip though, is when you are designing the email you have the option to check the account limits. This will let you know if the email will be sent to your active contact limit or not. This is taken from your account and to the same list you had selected:-

    Active Contact Limit Check

    Scott Wallace

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