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Engagement Insights

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  • Leah Bartell
    Hi Sarah! 

    The Engagement Insights dashboard in Google Drive is set to group data by week or by month. If you're using it out of the box, you basically have to run your reports for 90 days, otherwise you'll get weird or truncated graphs. The other option is to edit the graphs in your copy of Engagement Insights yourself, to group by shorter time frames eg: days and weeks.

    Leah Bartell
    Riskalyze Inc.
    Original Message:
    Sent: 04-05-2018 15:50
    From: Sarah Daily
    Subject: Engagement Insights

    Does anyone else use Engagement Insights for Google Sheets? I have it setup properly, and I just generated data for March 2018 but the numbers reflected on the dashboard make no sense. Is it meant to view data on a quarterly level rather than a monthly or weekly level? The dates are all off.

    Sarah Daily
    Digital Marketing Manager, The Enrollment Management Association

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