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Social Publish - no previews on Facebook and Twitter

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  • Carina Janzon
    Tweets posted through Act-On aren't containing images. (We don't use Facebook.) We have had this problem for several months now. 
    Have your problems been solved yet?

    Carina Janzon
    Esri Sverige
    Original Message:
    Sent: 06-27-2018 13:30
    From: Jackson McKay
    Subject: Social Publish - no previews on Facebook and Twitter

    Social media has become an important marketing tool for us, especially since the GDPR started. Act-On's social publish has been very helpful. However, in the middle of May, we noticed our posts on our Facebook page started looking much more plain.

    Has anyone else had it occur where posts to Facebook and Twitter don't show the preview images or text after they've been posted through Act-On's social publish? Anything we post to LinkedIn is fine, but our Twitter and Facebook posts just have a link unless we post them manually.

    Jackson McKay
    ADVANCED Motion Controls

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