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Sync GoToWebinar Admin Accounts

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  • Cindy Schifano
    We have not yet used the GTW integration, but it is one of the reasons we selected Act-On. We also have multiple people logging in and having a global view is something I simply assume would have been the case. I am surprised that the view is by log-in only and not across the account. 

    I strongly support Adam's request!


    Cindy Schifano
    Marketing Manager, MHA
    Original Message:
    Sent: 07-19-2018 10:12
    From: Adam Hritzak
    Subject: Sync GoToWebinar Admin Accounts

    I'm hoping there's a way that admins can share the entire history of GoToWebinar webinars in Act-On. Currently, each Connector login can only show the webinar history from webinars tied to their login, but our company has multiple users with admin accounts for GoToWebinar and we would like to have those admins account display our entire webinar history in Act-On.

    The current setup creates potential problems as our staff changes, and if the person with the main/oldest admin account were to leave, the company, we could potentially lose our webinar history in Act-On. This is important considering the email and related promotional reports for each of those webinars that we manage through Act-On.

    Is there a way to have the profiles match together in Act-On? It's the same account we're sharing, and we both have full admin access, so my hope would be there is a way to show all of our GoToWebinar webinars no matter which profile is used to connect with in Act-On.

    Adam Hritzak
    Marketing Director, HealthLinx

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