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NetSuite users - Do you have a master list?



  • John Donald
    We use the default 'Push to CRM' from Act On>Netsuite, but couldn't use their default connector going the other direction because our implementation of Netsuite is very complex and customized. We developed our own custom connector to push data from Netsuite>Act On. We push to a single Master List daily, then segment from there, and run list maintenance programs to append to that list from other lists, or do it manually in some cases.

    Prior to our custom connector being deployed we used static lists for transactional emails, but couldn't really unlock the magic of Act On until the Master List went live. It was a very complex and time consuming process and took nine months to get our custom connector developed, but if you have the resources it is worth it.

    FYI there is still an issue on the Act On side specific to Netsuite where the 'Push to CRM' has some data schema mapping issues they are still debugging so we use API's and manual exports going that direction for the most part while they are still figuring it out. That has been a very long process too. Netsuite is so complex it is a bit confounding to connect with.

    John Donald
    Manager, Sales & Marketing Automation
    Designs for Health
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    Sent: 08-07-2018 16:21
    From: Susan Horridge
    Subject: NetSuite users - Do you have a master list?

    One of my biggest challenges in working with NetSuite + Act-On is the fact that I do not have a master list. I have 4 separate lists that are pulled from NetSuite, which I'm told is just a function of the NetSuite architecture. Would love to connect with other NetSuite users about this issue and others.

    Thank you!
    Susan - Austin, TX

    Susan Horridge
    Marketing Automation, Digi International Inc.
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  • Kelli Bunting

    I'm curious about this too. I don't currently use a Master List, but have thought about implementing one. My issue is that we have several campaigns and list segmentation that I'd like to keep in separate folders, but I've found that you can't segment from the NetSuite CRM sync into different folders (it must be within the same folder). Also, without a Master List, I'm finding that my contacts are showing up in any CRM synced list so it's getting impossible to know which lists they're truly in. Anyone else set up a Master List? I'm curious how using the maintenance programs are working too and if that's the best way to do it.

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  • Tatiana Lea

    Hello Kelli Bunting

    These are very good questions and I will let other users of Act-On to contribute but I thought I let you know that our Marketing Specialist Robert Kohnke has written this great post in Connect explaining how to setup a true CRM Master List. He created the flow inside our own instance albeit with Salesforce CRM not NetSuite, but I believe with a slight tweak you would be able to achieve the same.

    Good luck and happy marketing.


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