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Reporting URLs for Signup Forms saves time and money

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  • Carina Janzon
    Have you removed this functionality?! We need to share the information internally that's provided in forms.

    Carina Janzon
    London Roadshow Attendee, Esri Sverige
    Original Message:
    Sent: 08-21-2018 14:22
    From: Paul Booyens
    Subject: Reporting URLs for Signup Forms saves time and money

    We have a number of internal 'customers' that we do campaigns for and there use to be a great feature that was part of a 'Classic' Signup Form - the Reporting URL.

    This allowed us to give a URL to these internal customers for them to check on RSVP's at any time and get the latest data. It save my team time in that we did not have to download a 'point in time' report and send it out (invariably it would be out of date by the time our customer opened it)

    FYI - these internal customers do not justify their own Acton Account - we act as their Marketing Agency.

    Please bring this back or add it to your new LAB forms.

    Paul Booyens
    Business Consultant, Progressive Casualty Insurance Company
  • Digital Team

    I agree. We had to build an RSVP dashboard for Act On in Power BI.

    The events management in Act On is its only weakness. We looked at the new MS Dynamics Marketing platform that has a great events functionality, but everything else is very weak. We struggle so much managing the events, emails, RSVPs that our employees have started to use Evite and other platforms to manage their events--and I really hope that Act On can come up with a simple EVENT management RSVP functionality to compete with Evite!

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