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Center align image in Rich Text block?

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  • Michelle Dean
    Hi Sara,

    Go into the source view and wrap the image in a <center> tag. Eg:

    <img src='my image.jpg'>

    This should fix it.

    Michelle Dean
    Original Message:
    Sent: 03-04-2019 13:23
    From: Sara Theurer
    Subject: Center align image in Rich Text block?

    Anyone have a trick for getting images center aligned in rich text blocks? I've tried align='center' on the image tag, setting margins to 'auto 0', and am about to resort to coding tables and using alignment tags on the <td>. Surely there's an easier way to get an image to stay center aligned.

    Sara Theurer
    Marketing Automation Strategist, Sullivan Higdon & Sink
  • Erinda Ylli Act-On Team

    Sara Theurer We're working on making changes to the Rich Text Editor and just noticed your post. I'll reach out to you for additional information so I can take your feedback into consideration as we improve the experience.


    Erinda Ylli

    Sr. Product Manager

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