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Export Contact List with Timeline


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  • Marten Hoekstra

    Engagement data is not exportable.

    Three options:
    1. Use very specific segmentation. Then use these segmentation rules as the engagement (opened 2 email + 2 webpage; openend 3 email + 3 webpage). Best is to create segments which reflect certain engagement that can be connected to low/medium/high engagement or stage in the buyer journey. Then you can use the contacts in the segments to send over to sales or SDRs to further research. Or put them in other nurture campaigns.
    2. Use Act-On Data Studio. If you do not have you can get it as an add-on.
    3. Get in contact with Pro Services
    Hope this helps.

    Marten Hoekstra
    Stan and Stacy | Inbound Marketing
    Original Message:
    Sent: 04-15-2019 02:20
    From: Anil Gupta
    Subject: Export Contact List with Timeline

    Hello All,

    I wanted to export contact list with the timeline information. Is there a way to do it?

    Example: I wanted to export contacts who have opened more than 1 email.  I know this can be done through the segmentation but the exported list doesn't show the count of the email opens, clicks or webpage visited.

    Thanks in advance.

    Anil Gupta
    Project Manager - Marketing Automation, Analytix Solutions LLC
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