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Message Validation Failed


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  • Marten Hoekstra

    I hope this problem is solved. If not, check if the emailaddress is recognized by Act-On as the emailaddress to use to send to.

    • Go to the list you want to send to.
    • Click Maintenance > Identify List Columns
    • Check which field is selected next to Contact's E-mail Address. This field will be used by Act-on to send the e-mail. If this is empty, Act-On cannot send to the list.

    PS. I assume you selected a list under the Address TAB in the email editing window and the list is not empty.

    Hope this helps.

    Marten Hoekstra
    Stan and Stacy
    Original Message:
    Sent: 04-16-2019 15:15
    From: Janet Glasper
    Subject: Message Validation Failed

    I've tried several times to send out a message to an existing marketing list, only to get an error say 'Message Validation Fail'. The error show on on right side of the screen indicates a problem with contacts. I've started over several times, choosing the correct marking list each time, but no luck. Anyone else having this problem?

    Janet Glasper
    Consolidated Buying
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