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Anyone using the GoToWebinar integration for Act-On?


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  • Chad Collett
    We use the GoToWebinar integration with Act-On and overall it works well. We set up the webinar in GTW and it populates in Act-On within just a few minutes so you can set up your Act-On webinar form and landing page via their tools. However, if you do make any changes to your webinar in GTW such as changing the date, the time, or any registration questions, there is a good chance the sync will not work and any registrations will sit in a 'pending' stage vs sync - however, we have made changes and it works. It is a hit or miss scenario. Now, if it is changes to the form itself we just make that change in Act-On and not GTW and works good. 

    If you plan to take advantage of Simulated Live feature in the Pro version of GTW, that does NOT work with Act-On. The API doesn't connect so your webinar will not get created in Act-On via the automated process. Just an FYI. 

    Overall though it works well and we have had a lot of success with it.

    Chad Collett
    Director of Marketing
    Ledgeview Partners
    Original Message:
    Sent: 05-09-2019 15:30
    From: Jennifer Chhatlani
    Subject: Anyone using the GoToWebinar integration for Act-On?

    I'm looking at using GoToWebinar for some specific client webinars that I do, but I first want to make sure it is a seamless connection with Act-On. Anyone use GoToWebinar within Act-On and have you had a good experience? Are there any hiccups on either side to be aware of? Thanks in advance!

    Jennifer Chhatlani

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