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Outgoing Emails marked as [BULK]

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    Chris Apgar

    Hi Jesper (and Stephanie and Tanya) - here's a bit more information about the [BULK] label in Outlook:

    • It's applied according to security rules/policies on the recipient's side. So there isn't any one criteria that would cause the label to be added.
    • The good news is that all the typical deliverability best practices apply here. The same practices that will increase your chance of reaching the inbox will decrease the chance of this label appearing.
    • Since that label is set by the particular recipient's domain, the fact that it shows in your email client does not necessarily indicate that your customers are seeing it. It all depends to the security policies set by each organization.

    Hope that helps!

  • Tanya Vanasse

    I also would like to know how to avoid the bulk stamp


    Tanya Vanasse | Marketing Applications  Manager

    CBORD & Horizon Software

    office: 844.462.2673






    ------Original Message------

    Recently I have noticed that my email campaigns are being marked as [BULK] when sending. It's an automatic 'stamp' that I am getting when I receive my own emails using Outlook. How can I make sure my emails are not being received with the [BULK] stamp? It makes people not want to open it. To note, the FROM address is Stephanie from ScaleMatrix using . Thanks for the guidance!

    Stephanie Mansolino

  • Jesper Luijten

    We would like to know this as well. Since it's not very user friendly and e-mails get easily mistaken for SPAM.


    Gr. Jesper

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