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January 2019 Customer Newsletter

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  • Marten Hoekstra
    @Sarah Moore question about the whitelisting part. Somethings are unclear.

    First, I checked and noticed one extra ip-range being New as of January 2019: But this ip-range was already in the list. Below the contents of old page in Act-On University. What is new about this ip-range?

    Second, in the email it says 'Please work with your IT team by February 18th, 2019 to erase the list of Act-On IPs that were previously whitelisted and replace them with the list of IPs found in the Act-On University.' - The old list and the current list are 100% the same. Does the new list still have to posted online? And why the date February 18th, 2019? 

    Or are you referring to Act-O users with a list that much much older then below?

    Office 365 users
    The IP range may be rejected by the Office 365 Admin Center. If this happens, you can use the four following ranges as the equivalent:
    Items to whitelist:

    Domain List
    IP Address List

    Marten Hoekstra
    Inbound marketeer / Marketing Automation Consultant, Stan and Stacy
    Original Message:
    Sent: 01-10-2019 13:01
    From: Sarah Moore
    Subject: January 2019 Customer Newsletter

    Sarah Moore
    Senior Customer Marketing Manager, Act-On Software, Inc.

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