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API - View in Browser Link (sID)

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  • Leah Bartell
    Hi Cindy!

    If you use Salesforce there is a feature to include the message link automatically whenever you send to a Salesforce list. Look for the 'Add a Task in Salesforce' checkbox in the message composer (if applicable). 

    For general reference, the sID is a security measure that helps secure the links to the individual recipients. It's required for form pre-fills and personalization to work.

    Leah Bartell
    Riskalyze Inc.
    Original Message:
    Sent: 04-04-2018 10:32
    From: Cindy Hill
    Subject: API - View in Browser Link (sID)

    Good day,

    We have a client that would like to pass the 'view in browser' link to their system so that anyone logged into their CRM can refer back to the email sent to the user. We have a possible solution, but unable to figure out what sid=TV2:wsm8eZIii at the end of the URL string is.

    Has anyone else successfully done this?

    Thank you

    Cindy Hill
    Director Client Services, AXIS Database Marketing Group Inc.

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