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Lead Record Type SFDC


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  • Robert Kohnke
    Hi Seth,

    Unfortunately, the Act-On & SFDC connector does not allow us to update/set the Record Type fields.

    Here is one workaround that I have successfully implemented previously:

    1. Create a custom field in SFDC that does not need to be visible on the layout. (i.e. AO Record Type)
    2. Make sure there is a list column in the lists you wish to push/pull this data from AND/OR a hidden field on the forms you are pushing to SFDC that matches, exactly, the above created field. (i.e. AO Record Type)
    3. Finally, you would need to configure a workflow in SFDC to trigger an update to the Lead Record Type base don the value in the above 'AO Record Type' field.

    I wish that I had an Act-On integrated option for you.

    Have a great day and Happy Marketing!

    Robert Kohnke
    Marketing Operations Strategist, Act-On Software, Inc.
    Original Message:
    Sent: 11-09-2018 11:01
    From: spotONvision blank
    Subject: Lead Record Type SFDC


    Per default a lead will get the Lead Record Type 'Act-On Lead' when we push a lead to Salesforce.

    Is there a way to give the lead automatically a different Lead Record Type in Salesforce, depending on campaign?

    So for example, when somebody submits form A, they get the Lead Record Type 'Act-On Lead' and when somebody submits form B, they get the Lead Record Type 'Campaign X Lead'.

    I've tried it with hidden fields to overwrite the default value, but it didn't work.



    spotONvision blank
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