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GoToWebinar - Using Simulated Live Feature with Act-On

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  • Carina Janzon
    Hi Chad,
    I believe that Act-On doesn't work with prerecorded webbinas in Gotowebinar. This is very unfortunate.

    Carina Janzon
    Esri Sverige
    Original Message:
    Sent: 02-20-2019 14:38
    From: Chad Collett
    Subject: GoToWebinar - Using Simulated Live Feature with Act-On

    We do a lot of webinars and use GoToWebinar. We are considering moving to the pro version based on the new 'Simulated Live' feature that allows you to pre-record your webinar and still run it as a 'live' webinar. This Simulated Live feature has additional options as well but I wanted to see if any others using this from GoToWebinar and running all forms via Act-On and if you are seeing success or running into any issues. I think it should run as normal but wanted to hit up the group to see if anyone has any direct experience with it.


    Chad Collett
    Director of Marketing, Ledgeview Partners

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