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  • Marko Banfi
    Hi Kate,

    There are different solutions I think. What you could do is make an automated program with behavior rules (leadscore above … points, or visited webpage x ... times). Then add new profile scoring criteria -200 when entered program X.
    Hope it can be useful for you:). 


    Marko Banfi
    Marketing Manager - XCESS expertise center
    Original Message:
    Sent: 02-26-2019 11:25
    From: Kate Bluhm
    Subject: Web Prospector

    Hey All,

    Is there a way to hide or block someone from the Website Prospector? We have someone who keeps popping up for the sales team and has a lead score of 265. Plus they visit our website daily (not looking at good content). But it's not a valid lead. Any tips appreciated!


    Kate Bluhm | Email Marketing Manager
    Audigy Group

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