Can we suppress email fatigue rules in webinar followup?

Chris Bjorklund
I just set up email fatigue rules and I know we can suppress the rules per email or per automated program, but I can't see any way to allow webinar promotion or followup emails to bypass the fatigue rules. We promise the contact we will send the slides and recording, but if they already received emails today or this week, it could be suppressed. Or are the webinar followup emails handled similar to form autoresponse emails? 

We use the GoToWebinar integration.

If we had to change our process to send invitations as a standard outbound email (not as important to suppress fatigue here) and allow GTW to send the followup emails without suppression, what are the ramifications in Act-On for reporting, etc.?

Thanks for your help.

Christine Bjorklund
EMarketing Coordinator, Don Johnston Incorporated


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    Robert Kohnke Act-On Team

    Hi Chris Bjorklund.


    From my testing in a demo instance and our active Act-On instance, both Webinar Invites and Webinar Followup messages that are sent using the GTW integration (Automation > Webinars) ignore the fatigue rules automatically.


    I actually don't see an option for allowing/forcing those emails to follow the fatigue rules.


    Please let me know if you ever see anything differently so that I can ensure things are running smoothly.


    Thank you and have a great day!


    Robert Kohnke

    Marketing Operations Strategist/ Marketing Consultant


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