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Prefill Form - Help Please


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  • Chris Apgar
    Hi Kat,

    The prefill option uses data from the contact's previous browser activity (kind of like how Chrome or Firefox fill in your personal information after you have filled it in previously). To get data to prefill, the contact must have submitted an Act-On form in the past, which attaches a cookie to their browser with that information.

    Hope that helps! Unfortunately, adding the relevant data in a list in Act-On won't prefill it on the customer's side of things.


    Christopher Apgar
    Original Message:
    Sent: 05-10-2019 21:12
    From: Kat Burrowes
    Subject: Prefill Form - Help Please

    When I select the option to prefill an embedded form, where does it pull the data from?

    Even though I have created a list that has all of the contact fields already populated, none of this data is getting prefilled on the form (only the email address).

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