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  • FoodSafetyTech Mike Conaty

    All of the imported posts have the same date, and previous replies and up-votes have been wiped. So this really is where ideas and questions go to die, or just be ignored. It is shiny and new, I'll give you that. The search function only seems to search the body of the post, not the author, so finding your own previous questions/answers means reading through everything because who knows where it may have wound up.


  • Chris Apgar

    Hi Mike - I'm glad you're bringing up these points. We're serious about making this site useful!

    • Upvotes on product suggestions are critical. They are not lost, just stuck in transit... we are working to restore them.
    • We migrated all replies to posts, so thanks for reporting that yours are missing. I will investigate. When that's fixed you'll be able to check your profile page and see all your activity.

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