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Is anyone posting in the various communities?



  • Chris Apgar

    Hi Teresa - thanks for checking. You should get an email for this reply, which will tell you if the notifications are working!

    There have been some other posts, so if you have not received any email notifications it may be a case of going to spam, or something like that.

  • Teresa Jarvis

    Hi Chris, thanks for your reply.  However, usually every day I receive 2-3 emails from the various community groups that I subscribe too and since Act-On Connect went live on July 1st, I haven't received any.  It seems rather odd to go from receiving 2-3 a day to zero.  The emails are not going to my junk folder.  I will check with my IT to see if they are getting trapped behind our firewall.  Perhaps, did my subscriptions get deleted?

    Thank you for your time,


  • Teresa Jarvis

    Well, I just received a newsletter from Sarah Moore at Act-On.  My question has been answered; you need to re-subscribe to all the community forums by pressing the "Follow" button.

  • Chris Apgar

    Hi Teresa - exactly. Apologies if this wasn't clear during the transition!

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