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Adding contacts in a running automated program


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  • Chris Apgar

    Hi Marianna - it sounds like you are asking how contacts are added to an Automated Program generally. But if I'm misunderstanding, let me know!

    You need to designate one or more lists (or segments) as the Source List for your program to be able to run. When your program runs, the contacts on that list will be added to the top of the program flow and start moving through the steps. When you add new contacts to these lists/segments, they will enter the program the next time it runs. So if you are wanting to enter more contacts into your program, you can either add them to your current Source List, or upload a brand new list and then add that to your Source lists.

    If you're seeing zero contacts in the program, possible explanations include:

    • Your source list is empty
    • Your source list is a segment, and no contacts currently meet the criteria to be included in that segment
    • All the contacts on your Source List already ran through the program and have exited

    Hope that helps!

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