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Using Different Send Addresses Domain

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    David Valdez

    James, I'm a Customer Success Manager here at Act-On, and I think I can help out. I do have a couple of questions to make sure I'm correctly understanding your plan. It sounds like you're considering changing the "From" email address (aka friendly from), correct? That does have deliverability consequences, but they are minor, especially if you add Act-On to the new domain's SPF records, and if you've got SPF, you'll see improvements over time. I think this is what you're asking based on the bullet, "Contacts may think they are being spoofed/phished?"


    IF, on the other hand, you're asking about an Env-From domain, and using it not only for the Env-From purpose, but also have your friendly from also reflect the Env-From domain, it's a really solid setup. In fact, if/when you elect to apply DMARC, it will help position you to have limited changes before participation. Domain alignment is one of the typical gotchas of customers attempting to implement DMARC for the first time.


    To your last bullet, you're right that it could impact whitelisting, but if the email administrator is diligent, they'll have a record of your emails, not just by friendly from, but much more importantly, long-term, env-from. That's really the whole role of the env-from config is that you can create and maintain a reputation that is largely immune to changes such as friendly from. 

  • James Matney

    Well, it's been almost a year, and I never thanked you for this. But, I think I am just now spending the time to understand it better. Thanks for the info and links to expanded information.

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