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Gated content - automatic download on form submission



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    Christopher Johnson

    Hey Ken!

    It sounds like you simply are not using the "Gated Content URL" for the form. In Act-On if you navigate to Content>Landing Pages> Find the landing page that contains your gated content form > click get public URLs. There will be a section titled "Gated URLs" that has a URL for each piece of "attached" content. 

    Using that URL should take you to the form and download the content upon form submit. 

    Let me know if that helps!


  • Ken Moon

    Hi Christopher, thanks for your help!

    I copied the Gated URL to the tab (with the attached asset still there on the other tab).  When I submit the form, it starts to download the asset over and over again in a loop.

    I was browsing through the catalog and saw that "automatic asset download" templates.  Should I be using that as the response page?

  • Christopher Johnson

    Hey Ken,

    You shouldn't have the landing page's gated content url as the response page. From the looks of your config you should have the public URL for the thank you page, as the response page. Then when you send out a link to the form, you will want to link the gated content URL. 

  • Ken Moon

    Hi Chris,

    So in essence users will have to either a) submit the form and get a link to download (or an email with the link), OR b) hit the gated URL and get the download that way.  There isn't a way to have the download happen on submission of the form.  Did I get that right?

  • Christopher Johnson

    Hey Ken,

    If you are visiting the form via the gated URL, the content will download upon form submission.

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