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Custom Subscription Management Center

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  • Digital Team

    Thank you for this article, I think it will really help us!
    I just finished setting up the 2 maintenance programs, and I wanted to ask if we need to turn ON the toggle for the Subscription Management page that we turned off on step 3, of do we leave it off? 

  • Lily Doyle

    Do you have an article or instructions on how to set up/manage a Subscription Management List as seen under #3? We are trying to set up subscription management segments and only mail to people who've signed up for certain things. So we want to start by having everyone opted in, and then as they receive emails, they can change preferences, and then they'll go to appropriate segments for each category. 

  • Tatiana Lea Act-On Team

    Just to let you know guys if you would like to keep both your Custom SM and your Native Act-On SM, do not turn the Native SM feature Off.

    [i.e Ignore this point #3. One you can see the list with at least (1) one record you can disable Act-On Subscription Management by moving bar to OFF.]

    Best practice then to give access to Native SM via Email and Custom SM via/on Website.


    Hope this helps

    Happy Marketing


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