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Create a Segment by SUBTRACTING Another Segment


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  • Tatiana Lea

    Hey Lea

    There are couple of options I can think of:

    1) Static segment - One way of creating such list is to use A/B list split functionality so you would end up with a final list that consists of records from this equation  = Master list records - suppression list records. (Select A/B Split >Change to 1 split > Select Exclusion (Suppression segment) > Total the total of your Master List) As I have mentioned it would be a static list, not sure it's what you are after but thought I mention and provide a screen cast.

    2) Dynamic segment - You should be able to select your hard bounces, soft bounces, opt outs and take them out from the final segment. I also recommend looking at the Custom Expressions.

    Here is how I created my Suppression segment:




    And if I was to use below query for my final List/segment (Master list (Minus) Suppression) I would do it this way:


    Here are the results:

    I hope this helps.

    Happy marketing!

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