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Segmenting contacts by email behaviour?



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    Tony Pellegrini

    Hi Kerry,

    There are actually a couple of methods to doing this in Act-On. The first way would be to go ahead and combine two pieces of behavioral criteria into a segment. For example, you could segment your list to find everyone who clicked a particular emails AND viewed a particular webpage/landing page/media document. Here is a screenshot to show an example of this:

    You could also convert all of the outbound links within your email into Media Links. This will create an Act-On redirect link that allows you to track traffic to that page as a Media Download in Act-On. You can convert any URL into a Media Link within your Media Library (Content > Media Library > Actions > Add Media Link). You would then be able to create a behavioral segment based off of Media that was downloaded.


    Hope this helps! 

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  • Kerry West

    Thanks Tony, that's really helpful & we will look at what we can do on this :-)

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