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Video in email


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  • Veronica Williams

    Hello Puck,

    I would suggest adding your video as a link due to the number of email clients who support videos in email:

    Email Client Support for Video in Email
    Outlook 2003-2016                          No
    Outlook for MAC*                            Yes                                     No
    Lotus Notes                                       No
    Thunderbird                                      Yes
    Apple Mail*                                        Yes
    Yahoo! Mail                                       No
    Gmail Webmail                                 No
    AOL Mail                                            No
    Windows Mail                                   Yes
    Gmail Android                                   No
    Gmail iOS                                          No
    iOS 10+, Native Client                      Yes
    iOS 9, Native Client                            No
    Outlook Android                               No
    Outlook iOS                                      No
    Yahoo! Mail Android                          No
    Yahoo! Mail iOS                                 No
    Android 4, Native Client                     No
    Samsung Galaxy, Native Client        Yes
    *Outlook for MAC and Apple Mail need special code to display HTML5 video properly.

    1. You can add a link

    1. Take a screenshot of where you like your video while it is in the YouTube player.
    2. Crop it if you need to and make necessary changes.
    3. Add a ‘play button’.
    4. Save and upload to your email provider.
    5. Add a link to your ‘real video’.

     > > Here is a link to a video going through these steps.

    2. You can add an animated GIF
    If you can’t have a video, why not take out a portion of it and use that?!  Animated GIFs have a much wider acceptance rate for email clients.

    Email Client Support for Animated GIFs in Email
    Animated GIFs work in all webmail clients and most desktop and mobile clients. The main exceptions are Microsoft Outlook 2007, 2010, and 2013, which all refuse to animate the GIF and instead displays only the first frame of the animation. (ref: Litmus July 2018)

    Great Free Tools to Create Your GIFs

    1. Instagiffer
    2. GIF Animator
    3. This article on web-based GIF creators
    4. (mobile app)

    Best Practices

    1. File Size: These can get pretty big > try to stay under 1mb total.
    2. Compress File: You can use EZGIF.COM > free tool, very easy to use and works great!
    3. First Frame: The first frame is shown to Outlook users only, whereas everyone else sees the entire GIF.
    4. Test! Check for how long each frame is ranging, video location, how everything looks together, and how it looks on desktop vs. mobile.

    Hope that helps!


    Reference: Pinpointe & Campaign Monitor

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