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Web Fonts in Emails



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    Tony Pellegrini

    Hi Brett,


    The best way to implement custom fonts would be through the use of a custom Stationery (Content > Stationery). Uploading your own Stationery does take some familiarity with HTML & CSS. You can learn more about creating and uploading your own stationery here.

    Once your Stationery has been uploaded, you can apply this Stationery to your emails while in the Email Composer. Within the "Design" tab you can select your custom Stationery using the drop down menu highlighted below:

    Just as a heads up, when using custom fonts in email, there is a chance that your recipient may not see the same exact font when reading your email. There are a few factors that determine this, but it usually depends on the email platform they are reading the email within, or whether or not they have that font installed on their machine.

    Let us know if you have any follow up questions on this!

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  • David Valdez

    As one additional note, there are many corporate environments where downloading things like web fonts is actively blocked. This is done for security reasons. It's good to be aware of who your target audience is to determine if you need to consider the exclusive use of standard web fonts or not.

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