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Act-On, Salesforce, and DiscoverOrg: Best flows and cleaning up bad systems


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  • Marten Hoekstra

    Yes we did several Act-On cleanups some of which also included a CRM connection with Salesforce or Dynamics. Every setup is unique, so I cannot give you solutions but I can give you some guidelines:

    • Determine together with the people using Act-On, Salesforce and DiscoverOrg what the ideal situation would be for integrating the different systems.
    • Put this into a visual workflow so you have a discussion piece. What is the unique ID (i guess emailaddress)? Which fields are being synced? Which can be overwritten? And which not? What are the names of the fields (to syncs between SF and Act-On the names of the fields have to identical).
    • Are you going to use a masterlist? If so which segments? What campaigns are you trageting on these leads? Are you using lead scoring to determine sales readiness? This can also be used in SF including a Act-On connector that shows the Act-On contact report and other data in SF.
    • Then agree on the workflow and build it.
    • The list pulling might be automated using Zapier but depends if the selecting of contacts from DiscoverOrg is manual work.
    • integration with Act-On might solve a lot

    So a lot of possibilities. If you like to discuss it more in depth let me know we can always help you out.


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