September 3, 2019 | Release Notes

Olaf Kowalik


Goto Webinar authentication change

Citrix has recently upgraded their connections to GoTo Webinar, and Act-On has upgraded our connector to the most recent connection for security and stability.

There will be minimal impact on users of the GoTo Webinar connector and upgrading to the new connector is now part of the normal login process.


  • When you first log in to the Webinar Page, you will be prompted to update the connector by logging into the Connector, and we will take you to the Connectors page. From there simply login with your GoTo Webinar credentials to get the new connector working.
  • From there on, due to the enhanced security, you will need to login to the connector once every month.  5 days prior to a need to login, there will be an alert shown on the Webinar page, and you can click the link to renew your login.
  • If you do not login prior to the months period, Act-On will prompt you to visit the Connector page to relog-in once you go to the Webinar page.

Don't scroll to the top of Marketing lists after editing or working with an individual list

Previously, the user would be returned to the top of the list of Marketing Lists after performing an operation on list. We changed the behavior so that after a list operation is performed, the page refreshes so that the list is displayed at the center of the page.

Bug Fixes

Prevent erroneous salesforce connector error emails from being sent

Previously, in some cases we would send connector error emails to customers in cases where their connector was working properly. We have resolved this issue.




  • Comment author
    Chris Bjorklund

    Love the marketing list improvement, however Go to Webinar is NOT working now. We reconnected, disconnected, logged out, logged back in and reconnected. Tried in Firefox as well after clearing the cache. No soap. I did submit a ticket with Sean. Wonder if anyone else is having the problem.


  • Comment author
    Olaf Kowalik

    Hi Chris. Thanks for the feedback--I'll have Andrew reach out to you as well for the Goto Webinar issue.

  • Comment author
    Robin van Zeijl

    My connector is NOT working. I also reconnected, disconnected, logged out, logged back in and reconnected. Also in Go To Webinar. Still it is not working. You can do a form submit, but it won't send the submit to go-to-webinar. Also they do not recieve our confirmation email. Please help!


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