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How do I know if content was downloaded

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  • Tatiana Lea Act-On Team

    Hi Moroni

    I will reply here and your other post. 

    Can I ask if your downloadable asset (on your website) is also stored inside Act-On? Typically downloaded articles are PDF and PDF even viewed in a browser are not really a 'true' urls so website prospector would not be able to track it.

    If you however have that asset saved in Act-On and you serve that assets' public urls (Act-On url) we would be able to track and show you in that asset Report any known and unknown visitors who have downloaded that asset so you can compare that data to your website visitor IP/company name to find matches.




    Would this help?

  • Moroni Mills


    Thank you for this information. I was not aware that Act-On couldn't track downloadable content unless that content was stored in Act-On. We just re-designed our site and I just started with Act-On, so I'm still learning. I'll have to get all the PDF files moved over to Act-On. So in our Content Management System, after I migrate all the PDFs over to Act-On, I'll have to link to the Act-On url instead of our servers. Did I get that right?

    Thank you for the help!

  • Tatiana Lea Act-On Team

    Moroni, that is correct. 

    Could you also share the link to your product page so I can have a look at the product download (just to make sure)


  • Moroni Mills


    I can share those pages with you. Each product page should have a spec sheet to download. Like here:

    Or there is a section of the site where you can search for specific spec sheets:

    Either way works.

    Thanks again!


  • Tatiana Lea Act-On Team


    So yes the first link you shared had PDFs so the process I described above would be done for these assets.

    The second link with specs sheets, redirects people to the actual url so if we take this one:

    You will see a visitor visiting that page and by going to the 'Click to Seal ratchet 350' asset in Act-On and looking at the report you will be able to see who are the people who downloaded that asset, known as well as anonymous.



  • Adam Hritzak

    Tatiana - is it possible to setup alerts to know when this type of content is accessed/downloaded? We have many PDFs in Act-On that are linked or attached in emails and other campaigns that go out to our target audience, and I'm trying to find a way that we can receive an email alert when these media items are downloaded. We have this action setup in our lead scoring, but it is difficult to know when each individual accesses the PDFs.

    There is no form gate setup for these instances either.

    I've looked through the Website Prospector and Automations features so far, but haven't had any luck.

    Thank you.


  • Tatiana Lea Act-On Team

    Hi @Adam Hritzak

    There is potentially a solution for it:

    • Create a segment of people who are downloading these assets, if you do not have a Master List you can save your Queries and re-run them on any lists you require
    • Next step is to create an AP (automation program) with 1 step, alert

    The only thing though that alert would send you an email with a link to a report and in that report you will see anyone who has ever fallen into that segment and went through the alert step in automation.

    The interface would be something like below. If this works for you great, but I would definitely recommend creating a feature request for our AP alerts, that list I think could have more information not just these 4 sets of columns.


    Happy marketing and hope this helps.



  • Adam Hritzak

    Thank you. In the AP, where would I be able to locate the media files that contacts access to then trigger sending an alert?

    We have a master list that all contacts fall under, so I have that list setup as the list to associate with the AP. However, when looking at other lists/segments to choose from, along with conditions to meet in the Program Flow, I am an unable to access or locate media files. There are options for Account Lists, Marketing Lists, Signup Lists and Webinar Lists, but none of these are comprised of media file PDFs the end user would access.


  • Tatiana Lea

    Adam Hritzak apologies for the delay in replying.

    You will need to create a segment of people who have downloaded these assets and then bring them into Automation step like you would do any other lists such as Account Lists, Marketing Lists, Signup Lists and Webinar Lists.



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