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New Contact Report coming this week!

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  • Michelle Dean

    I really wish you guys had left the long URLs under website visits. I use them to see what products are being viewed, and now I have to click on each individual link. 

  • Nicolas Dupond

    This update is downgrading the information we had in the previous version. Now we can't see which pages were seen and pdf downloaded. This  timeline view is now useless. I must see the entire page or PDF name to see what my leads actually saw!

  • Max Spector Act-On Team

    Hi Michelle Dean and Nicolas Dupond,


    I'm sorry to hear that the redesigned report is not as useful. Our testing indicated that it was easier for users to read the page name and so this was made the default for web visits with a click-through to the complete link and page preview. When no page name exists, we do display the URL but an uncaught bug is currently truncating the URLs. This is something we have on our prioritized list of issues to resolve. PDFs are also presented with the complete name unless otherwise truncated due to a similar known issue. 

    What would be the preferred presentation of this information? Are page names not used by your organizations? If you are not seeing something similar to the examples below, please alert support as you may be encountering an unknown issue.



  • David Doms

    Hi Michelle Dean and Nicolas Dupond,

    It sounds like we've negatively impacted your workflow. We're very sorry about that. As Max Spector stated we're identifying a list of items to revisit and the concerns you've brought up will be considered. I'd like to know if there's anything else about the changes that are frustrating or annoying. If you have more to share on this or email reporting, Act-On Design would be interested in speaking with you more about it.

  • Michelle Dean

    Hi Max and David,

    Page titles are used by my organization, however the new report is not picking up the titles. When I click on the page myself, I can see what the actual title is.

    If it's a bug that's cutting off the URLs, then as long as that gets fixed and the entire page URL is displayed, it would solve my problem.

    The new report interface is cleaner. One thought is to put the page URL below the website page view. A lot of organizations probably have long urls for specific products, so it would help with wrapping. The major thing is to fix the truncating bug though.

    Thanks for responding back to us and letting us know Act-on is listening for comments.

    Do you have any idea when the truncating bug will be fixed?

  • Nicolas Dupond

    Hi Max & David and thanks for taking our comments into consideration.

    Attached you'll find a draft of what I need to see compared to the existing update.And to complement with what Michelle said above, maybe you could add the URL of landing pages below the title in a smaller font size and lighter grey color. The item title is for sure what we need to see, without any cut (meaning the ... at the end, it can be displayed on several line if the window width is too small).


    I hope it helps:

  • Michelle Dean

    What Nicolas Dupond mocked up would be perfect. Please, Act-on customers really need to have this information easily visible. It's taking me 3x as long to go through high scoring leads with the new report layout. 

    Please fix the bug asap. 

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