Can't draw? No problem. You're still invited to partner with Act-On Design!

David Doms
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How's your experience with the product been? However you may classify it, we think we can improve it—with your help. Ever wonder why Marketing Lists have a different look and experience compared to Forms or Landing Page lists? Does that report you rely on present all the details you’re looking for? Maybe you’ve gotten used to all the different icons, button placement and other interface details but are open to a refreshed look that offers better consistency and an overall modern look and feel?
Hello Act-On users, my name is David Doms, Act-On’s UI/UX Architect. My design colleague Chase Holenstein and I have spoken to many of you over the last few months and we’re hoping to keep that trend going and meet even more Act-On users through something we’re calling the Design Partner Program. Enrolling in the program has some nice benefits with the most compelling being your voice and opinions serving as input to the current design work we’re engaged in.
You can learn more about the program at We're excited to work with the folks who've already enrolled and sincerely hope you consider partnering with us to make Act-On a better, more useful tool to conduct your marketing activities with.
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