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Personalization With Dynamic Image Based On Sender Info

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  • James Matney

    This is probably beyond my skills set, as we do not utilize sales agent accounts. But, if the sales agents are set up similar to contacts, could you use a Dynamic Content Block, and then just use the Image button in the Rich Text editor to place the Sales Agent's image in the block?

  • Taylor Ford

    Thanks James, I'll have to take a look at that option. I'm hoping to use an outside email designer tool (BeePro) vs using the built-in Act-On editor.

  • Chris Apgar

    James Matney your method is a great idea! Another option is to add an image URL to the list and then insert that personalization field into the email's HTML -- as in, <img src="{{Image URL}}"> -- Here's an article that describes that approach in more detail.

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