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image file management



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    Chris Apgar

    Hi Keith! It's true that having a vary large image library may cause some slower performance, so you should see things speed up again as you start to delete files. EDIT: There is a way to multi-select images for deletion. More information here.

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  • Teresa Jarvis

    I have a question to add to this discussion.  How do you know which of your images are used in email campaigns or on landing pages so you don't delete those?  If you delete an image that's in a sent email will that image disappear from the email if you happen to delete it from the image library?

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  • Chris Apgar

    Hi Teresa - as Keith mentioned over here there isn't anything to stop you from deleting images that are still in use. And yes, images will appear broken if they're deleted but still referenced in an email on landing page. If you want to add this as a feature request on our idea board please feel free! I know that many of our customers use the Image Library to host files on web pages outside of Act-On, but I could still see this being a useful addition.

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