Act-On integration with Webinar platform ON24

Sarah-Jane Humphries

We want to do an Act-On integration with ON24. 

Has anyone got a scope for this that I can provide to our IT department or a third party for what is required?

Or has anyone done this previously?




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    Tatiana Lea
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    Hello Sarah-Jane

    There are 2 potential option you have with ON24 and AO integration:

    1) via Zapier you would be able to created triggers from ON24 to AO, for example, when new registrations submitted in ON24 a new Form Submission created in AO, you can then score these submission higher than your other forms for example.


    2) via API integration - the integration between Act-On and ON24 will be handled externally. ON24 application makes API calls to an Act-On account which can generate new lists. These lists will say "Uploaded List" underneath the list title, but they will not be identified as ON24 lists unless mention is made in the title. For scoring however you will need to reupload manually these lists into Custom Touch Points area to add appropriate number/score.


    Hope this helps

    Best regards



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