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Sudden change of contract terms from Act-On?!



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    Chris Apgar

    Hi Minna - thank you for the additional information.

    I have confirmed that your Account Manager and our VP of EMEA Sales reached out to you to discuss your contract. I'm hopeful that those conversations will help clear things up and will lead to a satisfactory outcome for you.

    From what I'm seeing on my end, CRM integrations were no longer included in Professional package contracts as of 2017. However, I certainly agree that we were not proactive in communicating this and it should never have been a surprise to you, revealed years after the fact. Our team has worked hard this year to improve the frequency and transparency of our communications, but clearly we still have progress to make here. I apologize for the negative experience, and again I hope that we're able to make things right for you going forward.

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  • Chris Apgar

    Hi Minna - thank you for expressing your concerns. Of course we never want a customer to feel duped or misled, so I'm sorry if the communication hasn't been clear enough here.

    A CRM integration is included only with our Enterprise package, and would be a paid add-on for the Professional package. I know that this has been a part of our standard pricing for quite some time. However, I'm not familiar with the history of your contract so I will circle the wagons internally and we'll get back in touch with you soon.

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  • Minna Lyyra

    Hi Chris, thanks for answering.

    However, our contract's section 'Product' states the following: << Act-On Professional Package (Active contacts), formerly known as "Act-On Enterprise Base Package", includes the designated volume of Active Contacts attached to a single instance of Act-On. The Act-On Professional account and features can be accessed by Marketing and Sales users. The Professional pack includes 3 Marketing Seats, 50 Sales seats, and 1000 API calls per day. In addition, Act-On Professional customers receive real-time tracking and reporting on email campaigns, form submissions, landing pages, Twitter replies, and website visitors. Act-On Professional also includes out-of-the-box integration with, Sugar CRM, Microsoft Dynamics, WenEx, GoToWebinar, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Outlook, Google Analytics, CoreMetrics, and >>

    This contract is from 2015 and as said we have had the connection to Salesforce since the very beginning, continuing every year unchanged until now, 12/2019, when I have been informed for the first time that the Salesforce connection has a separate prize tag and that it is not included in our package. 

    If the terms change, I think there needs to be a more professional way to handle the communications than what I have experienced.   


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