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Blocking email addresses



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    Kristy Abero

    Hi Sara, 

    You can keep competitors from being able to submit to your forms (and downloading gated content!) by adding their domain to the Domain Suppression List. Not only does adding emails to the Domain Suppression List allow you to choose to keep people from submitting a form if doing so with an email with that domain, but you can suppress them from being added to a list, imported to specific lists, or receive emails, too. 

    Here is a guide on how to add domains to the Domain Suppression List:

    In order to enable this on the specific form (and getting gated content!), you'll want to select Suppressed domains in Properties > Response and set up a redirect for users who try to submit the form with a suppressed domain email. This will allow you to direct them to a page that will keep them none the wiser to why they were unable to submit the form. 

    Here's a screenshot of the Suppressed Domain Response in the Form Properties tab:


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  • Christopher Johnson

    Hi Sara,

    You have multiple options. For specific forms, you can block domains from being able to submit. By entering their domain under the suppressed domains section of the form composer. 

    If you wanted to avoid sending to your competitors all together, you can navigate to Contacts>Other lists>Bounces & Opt outs>Email Suppression Domains List. There you can add your competitors domains and they will be suppressed from future messages.

    I hope this helps! 

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  • Sara Fluskey

    Thank you both very much. I wasn't using the right search term in the "Help" section. SUPPRESSION was the term I needed. This was extremely helpful!

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