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When does Act-On send after a wait step in an automated program?

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    Chris Apgar

    Hi Damon,

    The system will add the number of calendar days AFTER the current date. So Tuesday + 2 day wait = Thursday. Hope that helps! Let me know if I can help answer anything else.


  • Damon Shearer

    Perfect, thanks Chris!

  • Damon Shearer

    As a follow-up item. If your automated program is set up to run weekdays only, but includes a waiting period, are the weekend days counted in the waiting period?

    For example, if a message sends on a Thursday, then waits 2 days, would it send on Monday or Tuesday?

    Thank again in advance!

  • Chris Apgar

    Hi Damon - the schedule you're referring to only dictates when new contacts get pulled into the program. So in your case, new contacts will enter on weekends, but other steps may still end up firing on the weekends (eg. Thursday + 2 = Saturday). If you want the program to pause until a weekday, you'll be better off using the Wait Until step, something like this:

  • Damon Shearer

    Great info, thanks again!

  • Robert Bailey

    I have set up a program to run over the course of 29 days. I have the following program:

    Send email day one

    Wait 2 days

    Send email day three

    Wait 2 days

    Send email day five

    Wait 4 days

    Send email day nine

    Wait 6 days

    Send email day fifteen

    Wait 8 days

    Send email day twenty three

    Wait 6 days

    Send email day twenty nine


    What I get is emails sent on:

    Day 1, 4, 7, 12, 19, 28 and 35. 

    This does not jive with the answers above.


  • Chris Apgar

    Hi Robert! Taking a quick look at your account, I can see a few programs that have a Wait step followed by a Wait Until step, such as Wait Until 9:10am. The latter step could definitely add an extra day since, if you send at 9:10am for the previous message, this could be done processing a bit later, let's say 9:12. If you then instruct the program to wait until 9:10 again, that will go a full day forward. Does that help or do you still see something different happening besides that?

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