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Reporting updates coming soon with early access enrollment taking place now

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  • Marketing blank

    It would great if you could see a list of all the contacts who clicked in an email separated by what they clicked on. It's time consuming scrolling through a list of all the clicks.

  • Adeyemi Adeloye

    What would be really beneficial is if we could create pre-determined segments based on fields within the data and analyse email performance by those segments. Allowing us to see best performing CTAs, subject lines by segment rather than just the universe. Almost like a pivot table dashboard.

  • Joonas Ylimaula Act-On Team

    Thanks to both of you for the product ideas! I'll reach out to you both directly to better understand the use cases. You can also post your ideas on the Product Idea Board to allow others to vote on them and have them go through our formal idea review process.  

    Joonas Ylimaula | Sr. Product Manager
    Act-On Software, Inc.
  • Jesper Luijten

    Would this be available in the 'Start' screen of Act-On? If you can add these as Widgets to the screen you see when you've logged in, Act-On will be much easier on the eye.

  • Laura Willis

    David Doms, @... mentined that i may be able to test out or feedback on the reporting via Act on, and to reach out! i would love to get involved.

  • David Doms

    Jesper Luijten your recommendation makes a lot of sense and would be a great improvement but I'm afraid we only committed to updating our charting library along with some light design updates for now.

    Laura Willis We'd be happy to share what we're working on and would very much like your input. Please sign up for the Design Partner Program (DPP) and you can schedule a time on my calendar that works for you.

    As a general update, last week I reached out to the folks in the DPP looking for folks interested in getting early access. Next week I'll send an email to the people who responded with additional details and will be looking for a final confirmation so nobody is caught off guard.


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