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Nicolas Dupond


I'm trying to create a form having 3 checkboxes. People can check or leave each line unchecked (it's not a required field in other words). And I need to store that information, check or unchecked on Salesforce, and the field type doesn't really matter to me on Salesforce. For my example, I used 3 dropdown fields on Salesforce.

My problem is that it is impossible to define unchecked values on Act-On. As a result, if I uncheck a box and submit the form, Salesforce will keep the previous data stored. So people will subscribe to checkbox 1 for example, they will uncheck it X months later, but salesforce will still mention that Checkbox 1 is checked, just because Act-On isn't pushing any data on form submission.

Does anybody have an alternative to do what I'm trying to do? By the way, I'm simply trying to create a subscription management system, because the Act-On default subscription management system is really bad, limited and ineffective.






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    Phil Gundry

    Hi Nicolas,

    There are a couple of ways you can go about this. Automated Programs are where I would turn first.

    You can segment the form submission list for the values from the form's checkboxes and use those segments to drive conditional branches within the automated program, changing field values to what you would like to see in SFDC. You can either push the field values to SFDC from within the Change Field step or set the list to sync on an interval. 

    Let me know if you need a hand setting this up.




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