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Reporting Updates Coming Soon!

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  • Yumna Moazzam

    I would like to join the Design Partner Program. I do have a question though. Would this be enabled only on my account or on all of my company's user's accounts? I would only like this to be enabled for my account. 

  • Joonas Ylimaula Act-On Team

    Hi Yumna Moazzam,

    Thanks for your interest in joining the Design Partner Program! We're able to enable these changes on an account level but not on a user level. So if you have multiple different accounts, we can easily enable in whichever one you prefer. However, if you have one account with multiple users (i.e. different logins), we're unable to enable the changes to just some users. Hope this makes sense!

  • Anthony Seghetti

    I would like to join the Design Partner Program

  • Rita Godinez

    Please sign me up for the Design Partner Program

  • Ashley Chisholm

    Please sign me up for the Design Partner Program. 

  • Michael Alston

    Please sign me up for the Design Partner Program


  • David Doms

    I love the interest everyone has shown for the Design Partner Program. Many of you have found your way in but for those who haven't, please sign yourself up when you're ready. You'll receive a link to book time on the calendar of an Act-On designer. It's not necessary you book a time right away but we'd love to talk soon. Thanks everybody!

  • Laura Willis

    I really love these improved reports, they are miles better than before and show alot of very useful data and insights that i can easily view, export and use for my internal reporting for all my global accounts.

    Thanks for taking the time to really improve UX, modernise the charts to allow very in depth analysis and for the ability to export images and PDF.

    I cant wait to share this with my internal team this week.



  • Joonas Ylimaula Act-On Team

    Hi Laura Willis. On behalf of the entire team that worked hard on these enhancements, thank you. We truly appreciate it!

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