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Rich Text Editor updates coming soon with early access enrollment taking place now

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  • Michelle Dean

    Very excited to see what's coming with the rich text editor! This is the content block I use most by far.

  • Erinda Ylli Act-On Team

    Wonderful to hear Michelle Dean ! Please let me know if you are interested in early access.

  • Chris Bjorklund

    We'd like the early access to the new editor, please.

    Chris Bjorklund

    Don Johnston Incorporated

  • Erinda Ylli Act-On Team

    That's great Chris Bjorklund! Will follow up with you via email

  • Jesper Luijten

    This looks great! Does it also solve any padding issues which might occur when placing pictures with a bigger pixel with then the mail is wide? 

    Does the Find and Replace work for a whole email? Or just the selected text block?

    We would like the early access as well! 

  • Erinda Ylli Act-On Team

    Hi Jesper Luijten

    Find & Replace applies only to the text block. I'll follow up with you over email to give you access to the updated RTE and discuss the padding question.


    Thank you!

  • Kelli Bunting

    I would love early access! 

  • Erinda Ylli Act-On Team

    excellent Kelli Bunting! Will be in touch with you shortly!! :)

  • SCALEMATRIX would like early access to the changes - thank you! 


  • Erinda Ylli Act-On Team

    you got it Stephanie Mansolino from ScaleMatrix! Your account is now upgraded :)

  • Keith Johnson

    The white font support & image editing sound interesting, presume our contractor provided templates will be launched with the upgraded editor at the same time. 

  • Senoria Page

    This looks great! We'd like early access too!

  • Erinda Ylli Act-On Team

    Keith JohnsonKeith Johnson Glad to hear that. I'll follow up with you to inquire about the new template launch.


    Senoria Page your account is now upgraded :)

  • Digital Team

    This looks like it will resolve a lot of our issues! We would like early access please.

  • Erinda Ylli Act-On Team

    Digital Marketing, account has been upgraded! :)

  • Diana Flores blank

    Hi, I would like to get early access please.

    Thank you!

  • Erinda Ylli Act-On Team

    Diana Flores blank wonderful! I'll be in touch with you to confirm the account(s) you want to use for early access.

  • Jennifer Best

    Hi - can you please give us early access to this? Thanks in advance!

  • Chad Collett

    I am LOVING this new rich text editor. Love it! Great Job Act-On! 

  • Erinda Ylli Act-On Team

    Jennifer Best - your account is upgraded! Enjoy :)


    Chad Collett so glad to hear that! We've couldn't do it without everyone's feedback! We always want to hear about how we can make the product better.

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